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Medical Facility Cleaning &  Maintenance

A clean and safe environment in any medical facility such as a hospital, long-term care center, and clinic is of great importance for the health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Deep Clean offers its cleaning and maintenance services to medical facilities by taking the utmost care in protecting patients, staff, and visitors from pathogens, infections, slips/falls, and accidents.  Deep Clean staff are trained in following medical protocols in keeping patients, staff, and visitors healthy and safe when performing their duties. We understand that such facilities have different departments (surgery (operating), recovery, admitting,  intensive care units, burn units, acute units, emergency, pediatric, medical records department, mental health, laundry, cafeteria) that may require different methods of cleaning and schedule flexibility.  


Deep Clean uses reduced levels of hazardous cleaning materials and EcoLogo products to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe and healthy. Deep Clean understands that dealing with bio-hazardous waste, sanitation, hygiene protocols, PPE, and patient sensitivity to chemicals requires extra care when providing cleaning and maintenance services to health facilities.  You can be assured that the health and safety of your patients, staff, and visitors is maintained by Deep Clean without any hindrance to the daily operation of the facility.

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