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Environmentally Friendly

Green Is Healthy Policy

We understand that in today's environment and work conditions the impact of hazardous chemicals to both workers and the environment is a major concern to all businesses.

In the cleaning business we understand that fumes and vapors given off by traditional chemicals used in cleaning can be potentially inhaled by cleaning personnel or building occupants. This may result in irritation triggering asthmatic attacks, and allergies. We also understand that fumes exiting the building contribute to air pollution and therefore the air we breath and live in. In April 2006, Canada set out a policy directing federal departments and agencies to take necessary steps to incorporate environmental considerations into the procurement process Policy on Green Procurement.

Deep Clean offers it's cleaning services with the following policies in mind:

  • Deep Clean strives to have all cleaning products containing reduced levels of hazardous materials as well as be free of ammonia and wherever possible our cleaning products be in concentrated form or in returnable packages to reduce waste. We look for the EcoLogo Program or Green Seal.

  • At Deep Clean we are also cognizant of the proportions we use to reduce the release of toxic substances into the environment.

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